June 11, 2008

ABET LAMINATI Exterior Panels - MEG (Material Exterior Grade)

I spent the day at Neocon Chicago, 06.10.08. Neocon is the largest trade show in the United States and of course I went to find out firsthand information on new and innovative Green products and building materials. I would like to share my favorites with you.

Exterior panels created by ABET, Inc. (www.abetlaminati,com). They are MEG (Material Exterior Grade) which is a high pressure laminate made of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and bonded by heat and pressure. The core and exterior surface is all one piece. MEG can be used alone in the design of building exteriors or in conjunction with other building products.

The advantages of MEG are endless and tremendous at the same time.
- Weather-proof and color-fast
- Graffitti resistant
- Fire resistant
- Impact resistant
- Doesn't corrode and is not corrosive
- Will not delaminate
- Splinter-proof
- Easy to work with and can be cut in the field
- East to clean
- Termite-proof
- Anti-static
- Environmentally-friendly

Amazing technology which has been used for years in Europe in sustainable residential and commercial projects. Now is the time to use this product in the US and I want to use it in a sustainable construction project.

MEG offers a 20 year panel integrity and 10 year color-fast warranty. Dozens of standard solid colors and woodgrain patterns. Digital capability which involves a 4-color impression process on the on the 51 by 120 laminate panels, can receive virtually any image, pattern or logo with a high resolution result. Now you can cover an entire building with a company's logo, a school's official colors or your favorite pattern. MEG is t
he solution to building facades, superior performance and an extremely unique look.

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Unknown said...

Laminate wood flooring is one of the simple ways to add on sophistication of real wood in your floors that makes your home stylist and attractive at affordable budget.
Thanks for sharing..!!!

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